New York Skyline 1920 experiment.



Step 1.


Step 2- 3 minute sketch

Layered Sketch

Step 3- Layer image. product, VERY abstract New York.


2 thoughts on “New York Skyline 1920 experiment.

  1. I like these sketches and I like the setting. The story idea, as I said, reminds me of Dr Faustus who sells his soul in exchange for worldly success. Can you perhaps start with the scene where this happens to your character, what of his humanity does he trade for success? Does he stand by and watch someone die? Does he refuse to help someone in exchange for a story? Scene Theory is an approach to scriptwriting where you start from =one scene and work outwards…

  2. I am currently looking at the “faust concept” and trying to mold it around my idea. I like your idea of the main character having to change personality/morals in order to achieve success in the criminal world; leading to success in his literature aspirations. I think I may try and write that scene, would that be the turning point of the story do you think? In terms of analysis, end of act 1? Thanks for your feedback, much appreciated.

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